A labor support doula is present to provide continuous physical and emotional support for the child-bearing couple. Studies have proven several benefits to having continuous female support, which include a shorter period of labor, less C-Sections and less use of other drugs and interventions.

Guaranteed Backup- We know that occasionally an illness or emergency can come up, so we take backup very seriously.

Initial Consultation

Before your birthing time ever arrives, and even before you choose to make the doula/client relationship official, we meet face-to-face. If you are inviting someone into a setting as intimate and vulnerable as your birth space, it’s important to first make sure that your doula feels like a good fit for you. I want to know what you’ve heard about your own birth, and about your partner’s thoughts on what his or her role will look like during your labor. Also I like to take this time to discuss questions and concerns for your pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Birth Doula Package

Doula Birth Service package includes 2 prenatal visits.

The first visit is the initial consultation which turns out to be a mini childbirth education, and the second visit is devoted to the preparation of the birth plan, going over different comfort measures and techniques along with questions or concerns and other issues that may arise during your pregnancy.

I am available to you through unlimited telephone support during your pregnancy. Once you go into labor, I will meet you at the site of the birth, hospital, home or birth center where I will offer you continuous support.

I will remain with you up to 2 hours following the birth and assist you with the initiation of breastfeeding. I will continue my care with a follow-up visit in your home 1-2 weeks following your birth.

Postpartum Services

Postpartum doula services focus primarily on providing comfort measures for the new mother,  breast feeding assistance, emotional support for the new family, guidance/assistance in infant care, preparing light snacks/meals, and light household chores.

What my clients are saying

Willow was such a calming and reassuring presence during my long labor. I can still hear her soothing words of encouragement. It was such a blessing to have her there knowing that she supported me and my decisions. Afterwards she kept in touch and checked in on me which helped so much as I processed everything.